Running the Bases with Small Businesses

Niche Website Builders - For Content Publishers

October 31, 2022 Randy Rohde & Mark Mars & Adam Smith Season 2 Episode 24
Running the Bases with Small Businesses
Niche Website Builders - For Content Publishers
Show Notes

Running the Bases today with Mark Mars & Adam Smith of Niche Website Builders. Niche Website Builders is an agency for people who want to create profitable content blogs. They started NWB (literally a few months before the pandemic) because they couldn’t find a service that would fulfill their needs within the website investing space. 

Together, they created Niche Website Builders, an agency for investors who want to buy and sell blogs. As the largest agency in their space, they’ve grown to £3.3 million (~$4.5 million) in 2021 with a team of 170 in just a few short years.

Get ready for an enjoyable edition of the show - and an incredible story of serendipity.  
As a small business owner, how often have you listened to an industry business podcast, realizing you have the same issues or perhaps some of the answers, or that you think I would just like to connect with the guest? Well, imagine that you did reach out, and then imagine that you and this podcast guest connected, and you realized that the two of you would make a great team to come up with solutions to the issues.  

You form a company to help other small businesses—and begin with a handful of people—and you begin to grow your business. Then imagine that two years later, you have grown that business into a multi-million dollar, 170+ employee business. Along the way, they've assisted hundreds of other small business owners!  

Well, our guests today don’t have to imagine any of this, because this is their story! Not only is all that we just mentioned true, but they founded their company in December of 2019, just a few months before the Pandemic. 

To learn more about Mark & Adam and Niche Website Builders, visit:

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